Client Testimonials

I would like to highly recommend Arjun and juhi for thyroid help and guidance, when I was diagnosed I was lost, confused, didn’t know what I was supposed to do, and in terms of eating and drinking, supplements, they came together looked at everything from my past medical to now and all my symptoms, and wow I was blown away with there support, guidance and understanding and advice with recommendations, I’m now on the path to recovery, my symptoms are nearly all gone, live lost weigh through diet change, and my anxiety is at bay, so all in all I highly recommend reaching out to them for thyroid relief.
Gemma Boylin
Macclesfield - Cheshire, England
Having been in debilitating pain for 13 months from a pinched sciatic nerve, two herniated discs and a mild case of scoliosis, and after trying most everything short of powerful drugs or surgery, I met Juhi & Arjun Chhabra, who introduced me to a feasible and reasonable alternative, I decided to give it a go. Since beginning the prescribed treatments of ointments, herbs, supplements and massage within 7 days I started to feel the pain lessening in my back. However, by the third week I was able to walk pain free without having to stop and rest my back. I continue with the entire treatment as prescribed and I’ve noticed greater improvement in flexibility, as well as sleeping more comfortably and feeling more like my true self. My outlook on life is much more optimistic and hopeful. I’m looking forward to when I can begin gentle stretching exercises. I am forever grateful and appreciative for Juhi & Arjun’s support and expertise in bringing much needed relief to my health issues.
Rosanne Cantos
Valladolid - Castilla & Leon, Spain
For many years I have suffered stress, anxiety, indigestion, neck pain, nosebleeds, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches, tics in the eye, tiredness and skin problems. I tried many treatments and remedies, but nothing worked. I felt worse and worse……..The results were incredible. In just a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic improvement in all aspects of my health. Stress and anxiety were reduced, indigestion and abdominal pain disappeared, nosebleeds and tic in the eye were gone, neck pain and headaches were relieved, tiredness was transformed into energy and skin is improving, looks brighter and healthier.

I am very grateful to Juhi & Arjun for their professionalism, their efficiency, their patience regarding my doubts and questions, their personalized attention and their constant monitoring of my evolution. Thanks to them, I have regained health and happiness. I recommend their project “bfit” to everyone who wants to improve their quality of life in a natural and simple way. I can say, conventional medicine does not have all the answers, let alone the solutions. Juhi & Arjun have helped me and continue to support me and I thank them very much for their knowledge and explanations.
Maria Nieto Alcade
Valladolid - Castilla & Leon, Spain