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Hi, this is Arjun & Juhi — Our goal is to discover our true potential & unlock the body’s innate capabilities to heal & thrive.

Juhi is a Clinical Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist, and Arjun is a Holistic Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner (Functional Medicine, Personal Trainer, Quantum Hypnosis, Autonomic Response Testing, Mental Field Technique & Applied Psycho-Neurobiology).

Using a bio-individualized, tailored approach, we leverage our combined knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide our clients with the best tools, knowledge, and all the support they need in the following areas listed below…

Areas We Can Support You In

Chronic Thyroid & Other Health Conditions

We’re passionate about empowering people by helping them successfully manage any chronic health condition, especially thyroid-related conditions. We identify the true root causes that span beyond the physical, and work to achieve equilibrium and harmony not just on the physical level, but also on the bio-electromagnetic, mental, and higher levels.

emotional challenges

Using a variety of holistic techniques & vibrational herbal remedies, we can help you cultivate greater self-awareness, resilience, and inner harmony. That can help you find relief & manage emotional challenges like grief, trauma, sorrow, heartache, regret, anger, shame, insecurity, worry, anxiety, jealousy, fear, hopelessness, etc.

Life Purpose & Challenges

Embark on a transformative journey to uncover your true life purpose. Our holistic approach blends ancient wisdom and modern insights, empowering you to transcend limiting beliefs, unlock your inner potential, and navigate life’s challenges with clarity, resilience, and a profound sense of meaning. Discover the path to your highest expression.

Physical Fitness

Elevate your holistic wellness through our transformative fitness approach. Through personalized training, we’ll help you strengthen your physical body, enhance mobility, and cultivate confidence — empowering you to move with ease, prevent age-related challenges, increase resiliency, and embody your optimal health. Discover the power of a body in balance.

Our Approach

Have you ever wondered why common health and wellness practices don’t always deliver the expected results? The reason may lie beyond the physical – in the complex interplay of your body’s biochemistry, energetic fields, and subconscious mental/emotional patterns.

Addressing the Biochemical Layer
Let’s take weight loss as an example. You may be doing everything “right” – following a strict diet and exercise regimen. But what if your digestion is off? Or your cell membrane health is poor? Perhaps hepatic-biliary congestion is driving up systemic inflammation, promoting hormonal imbalance. These underlying biochemical imbalances can prevent you from achieving your desired state of wellness.

Harmonizing the Energetic Layer
We also need to assess your bio-magnetic and biophoton fields to detect incompatibilities and take steps to address them. This includes decluttering and harmonizing your bio-energetic field, and establishing coherence of your biophoton light emissions.

Transforming the Mental/Emotional Layer
Additionally, we must work with the mental and morphic fields. This involves identifying and releasing any embedded, limiting, or negative beliefs that drive undesired thought patterns and trigger emotions, affecting your energy body and physical body. Finally, we can access the higher mind – the realm of near-death experiences, past lives, ecstatic states, karma, and the expression of unresolved trans-generational family issues.

Unlocking Your Full Potential
By addressing these interconnected layers, we can help you achieve the lasting transformation you’ve been seeking. It’s time to start speaking your body’s language and reclaim wellness & abundance.

Exploring The 4 Levels That We Work With

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