Arjun & Juhi Chhabra

Holistic Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner
Clinical Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist

The story of how it all started…

Arjun & Juhi in 2015

Arjun & Juhi met each other in the year 2014 & they weren’t health professionals back then. 10 years ago, Arjun weighed almost 100kgs & was everything opposite of healthy! He is a college drop-out but studied 3d animation & visual effects & later went on to join his family business in the hospitality sector. Juhi completed her master’s in finance and worked for a year in an investment banking firm. She found it fun working with numbers, but never felt a deep inclination toward it. Not knowing how, but she had a desire to help people in some or the other way.

Arjun & his Mom in 2012

In December 2012 Arjun’s mother was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer & doctors ordered more tests, one of which was mammography. During one of the tests (mammography) the cancerous lump in her breast got damaged & the cancer spread rapidly throughout her body. She suffered a great deal of pain, first losing most of her voice, then her vision blurred, and it eventually affected her memory & cognition. Her health declined with each passing day as she became weak & fragile. The doctors were unable to help & still kept running endless tests. Within 4 months, in April 2013 she slipped into a coma & ascended.

Life came crashing down for Arjun. Shocked & shaken by his loss, his motivation & self-belief got destroyed as he slipped into depression. He was left with the burning desire to discover the truth behind cancer.

Shortly after he met Juhi, they started looking for answers together. Finding & uncovering being one of Juhi’s strongholds. She started gradually discovering content related to alternative healthcare & medicine. The book ‘Chris beats cancer’ & the docuseries hosted by ‘The Truth About Cancer’, founded by Ty & Charlene Bollinger, marked the beginning of Juhi & Arjun’s wellness journey.

With their growing knowledge & a desire to help people, they co-founded a naturally dyed organic clothing brand. While alongside, they continued their search for answers as they invested themselves in unofficial studies & continued researching.

Arjun in 2013

Their clothing brand was targeted towards reducing exposure to & raising awareness about environmental toxins (carcinogens) that play a huge role in the development of cancers. And the fashion (clothing) industry is a major contributor to the same.

While managing & working on their brand, Juhi began discovering the medicinal properties of herbs as they were the raw materials used for dyeing the clothes. During the whole process of researching and learning about herbal dyes, she became interested and completely invested in the world of herbs. This led Juhi to take up studies in clinical herbalism in 2019.

Juhi in 2020

Later that year they shifted to Spain (Valladolid, where they currently live) to grow their brand. Just as they were in the process of setting up & preparing to relaunch their brand, the pandemic struck.

Shaken by the volatility of the situation & risks that tagged along. While also seeing this as an opportunity to use their years of accumulated knowledge to help people to take control of their health & reemerge into wellness. They decided to fast-track their search for answers, & become health professionals. They took a leap of faith & invested all they had, their savings & even took loans to pursue formal education in the field of alternative medicine & healthcare.

As Juhi continued rigorous studies & completely immersed herself in the study of herbalism. And with Juhi’s motivation, Arjun pursued studies in functional medicine.

As both of them completely indulged themselves in studying & discovering the key to true wellness, they found that Arjun’s mother had been suffering from subclinical hypothyroidism (that swept under the radar) almost a decade before she was diagnosed with cancer. This led them to choose thyroid health as their area of expertise, to help women from facing the fate of Arjun’s mother.

It has been a long journey full of hurdles, intense struggles, rejections, sleepless nights, frustrations & disappointments that have led them to where they are today. With time the answer to cancer, illness & wellness is becoming more & more clear.

“Desire backed by faith knows no such thing as impossible”
— Arjun Chhabra