Sometimes, despite knowing our paths, knowing what needs to be done, to start getting healthy or have a better & happier life, we still don’t do it, why?

A warm welcome to all! Today’s episode is going to be lighthearted & different. Instead of the usual information-filled episode, today we’ll focus on how we can get onto the path of using, not only the information I share with you’ll successfully but also to successfully achieve anything you ever wanted, no matter how impossible it may seem! Because it’s the harsh reality that, many a time we have answers but we don’t implement them. There was a time in my life when I too was in this kind of phase or zone. But I got out of it & today I can feel & see myself thriving & flourishing. So, I wanted to share with you the 3 things or tools that got me out of stagnation & into happiness & growth. And I’m sure as I go along many of you will be able to relate.

The one thing that stops us from doing something new is the fact that it’s different from what we have been doing or we’re used to doing, in our everyday lives. We live in our comfort zone & sure, anything out of the ordinary is going to look pretty daunting. And, on top of that, there are many of you out there, if you’ll are like the old me, who’d first ponder over a ton of questions relating to, what others might think about you! And after all of that, it’s like ‘Oh my! That’s a lot of pressure! Ah, I should continue doing what I do’.

To give you an example of what I mean. Let’s take a person who works 9 to 5 at an office. Let’s say this person is a ‘he’ since I think, it’s a common problem among males when it comes to this. Anyways, this person, he decides that he wants to start eating healthy. Let’s say, his office is located in a region where there are not many food take-away or delivery options available, most of them are fast foods & even the rest are not that great. So, the only few options left for him are to either get something home-made or have some fruit, whatever. Now, during lunch, his colleagues, or I’d say, guy gang, are used to ordering from one of these nearby fast food joints. Now, just the thought of doing something different from the rest of his colleagues makes this person ponder & think about thoughts like, ‘I’ll be the odd one out, ‘What would they say, would they pull my leg? Or think I’m less of a man??’, ‘How would I prepare or arrange to bring something from home, early in the morning??’, etc, etc. And eventually, this person, he’d just drop the idea, altogether.

So, the first tool is, to avoid thinking too much! Just do it! You don’t have to care or bother about what other people think of you! And let’s say, they do think something negative about you, how would that affect you or change what you’re doing? Think the other way around. Let’s say out of 10 people, if only 3 think highly of you after you do something out of the ordinary everyday life, they’d compliment you & smile at you, they’d appreciate you, at-least 1 would. And as for the remaining 7, some might not even bother, some might be jealous and the remaining might dislike you for god knows what reason, which is very normal to happen. Chances are, none of those 7 are likely to approach or tell you something, at least not on your face. So, in the end, if you do get something, it’ll be some appreciation! That’s good, isn’t it! So why overthink!!?? Just go ahead & do it!!

Our second tool is 2 things but I like to count it as the same, as 1 thing. Because each one, without the other just won’t work, it’ll be incomplete! And I’m talking about belief & consistency! Without belief, you cannot be consistent unless it’s a job that you have to do out of compulsion. And let’s say you are being consistent with something without belief, let’s say, for example, your friend build a nice physique by regularly & consistently going to the gym, over the years. So, you too want the same results, start doing the same but you are not confident if you can get there. You’ll exercise for sure but without self-belief, you won’t be confident & without confidence, you won’t be able to put in those efforts & craze, to achieve those results. So, it’ll so happen that, despite consistently going to the gym & exercising for let’s say a year, you probably won’t start seeing the results, basically the progress that you wished for. Sure, there’ll be some results but nothing too significant overall. Because your state of mind matters! It matters way more than action! Not that action doesn’t matter, of course, it does but it just won’t be the same! Action without belief is like incomplete action! My mother used to tell me, whenever you do something or eat something, do it with happiness, it’ll be more rewarding! You see, as humans & in the name of science we discover & do things superficially, more technically in a way, without emotion. I’m not saying that it’s bad. But this is incomplete. We’re humans, we are beings of emotion & intelligence. So taking the scientific approach, we only see half the picture. Because there are many things that we cannot explain since we cannot see them & measure them, science dismisses them! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to things at a deeper level! Because some things can only be felt, like the human soul! Anyways, I can go on & on! I truly believe there’s way more than we can see & science can explain! And speaking of belief without consistency, belief wouldn’t matter much, in fact, it’ll weather away with time. You can’t hold onto belief & not do anything because eventually without consistency, you won’t reach anywhere, you’ll be stagnant, without any results & eventually, that’ll lead you to lose your faith or belief.

The third & the final tool & this one I owe to Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman or The Dark Knight series’. It’s overcoming your fears! If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I mean, if not, you could watch the movie, I’m sure you won’t regret it, it’s a good one & my all-time favorite. In the first part we see, even without his wealth, he defies the odds & faces hardships, and overcomes his fears! That was some hardcore character building! And throughout the first part which was batman begins, he could’ve easily given into his fears due to the circumstances but he didn’t! If you see, all the tools that I have spoken about today are actually what we see in this batman, who is fictional but I see as a true superhero because he is a human-like! Like us without any superpowers but with self-belief & consistency, being fearless & not overthinking & doing whatever it takes, only action! I’m changing the title of this episode. I had previously labeled this episode as 3 tools for success, a rather boring title, but now, let’s see……. You can be a superhero! Perfect! Because, Yes! You can be a superhero!! Doesn’t mean, you have to jump off rooftops or go fight crime! Please don’t do anything crazy to risk your or someone else’s life! You can be a superhero for your family, for your kids, or your parents by being successful at what you do, by being confident & healthy! Because, believe it or not, everything starts with health. When you’re healthy, you think more clearly, you have more energy, you feel good, which contributes big-time to your confidence to go and achieve & do whatever that is, that you want! Just like batman! And like I was saying, even in the second part when the joker made things really hard for him. He remained consistent in his motive to find solutions to all the chaos & craziness that the joker was spreading! In the last installment of the film, when Bane broke his back & threw him in a deep hole, he didn’t give up! The most motivating part for me in this was when he had to climb up the straight well-like walls of the hole & get out, he did it without a rope & a fall would mean certain death. What we can learn from this is how he used fear to his advantage rather than letting fear take over him! Our hardships can be relatable to this situation, where the rope is a symbol of security, of comfort & the wall is the problem or hardship that we have to overcome which makes us fear & doubt! So, will you be like Batman & scale that wall without a rope, with self-belief & being fearless or would you give up? Or will you keep trying with the rope? Being in your comfort zone or being halfhearted Because chances are, you probably won’t succeed! Sure, you can use the rope at the beginning like Batman did to get good practice to scale the wall or in better words, the hardship & then eventually did it with all the courage & might!! So, in life whatever it is that you want, being healthy, earning a lot of wealth or achieving happiness or being the best in your field of work, whatever it is that you want! You can do it! You can achieve it! Can you be a superhero? Can you be like Batman??

And I’d like to leave you with that! Until then have a nice week ahead! Be fearless, believe in yourself, don’t overthink, get out there & achieve whatever you want, ’cause you’re a Superhero!!

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