Foods with Superpowers! (Part 1)

Greetings to all & welcome back to another episode! Hope you’ll have had an amazing week, if not, I encourage you to hang in there, because after every storm, there’s a bright n sunny day! Don’t worry, just be happy! Okay, so in today’s episode, I’ll be talking about 2 superfoods. Its not that, these […]

How microwave cooking is affecting your food & your health!

So good to be back with you’ll once again!! Hope you’ll have had an amazing week! It took me quite a lot of time to prepare today’s episode, specially looking up & reading the studies. Essentially because, this is another controversial topic & I need you to know that I’ve done the research for you, […]

The Fat Frenzy (Part 1) – An Interesting Story

It all begins in the 1800s when Emperor Napoleon III offered a prize for a butter substitute that would cost very little & wouldn’t rot on extended sea voyages. In response to this, a chemist named Hippolyte Mega-Mourie invented margarine using tallow and skim milk.  With the passage of time, margarine did not prove cheap […]