Fat Frenzy (Part 2) – Understanding the Un-Understandable

What, we have been told, eating fats, especially saturated, results in them clogging our arteries, it’s a gross over-simplification, saying this is like shaming science. An article published in 2011, in the British Journal of Nutrition (1), states that `Epidemiological data does not support a link between dietary cholesterol and CVD’. Just a reminder, all […]

Iodine – Good or Ugly?

The biomedicine approach is more about reductionism where importance lies in the analysis of a single molecule rather than a holistic format of looking at patterns, symptoms and constitutional types.  This difference in thinking raised many flagbearers of Iodine like Guy Abraham, David Brownstein, Jorge Flechas who are advocators of using Iodine through food and […]

How to fix the Stomach Acid

Its great to back with you’ll! My apologies for spacing out! Tough times but what’s more important is to believe in yourself that, not just will you make it through but you’ll shine! On that positive note lets jump onto the solutions that we all have been looking forward to, rebuilding our stomach acid!So today’s […]

Acid Reflux Solutions, Solutions & Even More Solutions!

Welcome back to another episode of the functional health show! I believe that I have a lot to share with you’ll today so let’s jump right in!! In the last 2 episodes we discussed how stomach acid is so important when it comes to overall health, we looked at the causes that give rise to […]

The How & Why of Low Stomach Acid

Hypochlorhydria, it also impairs the breakdown & absorption of pharmaceutical drugs. So the net amount that actually makes it into circulation might be lower, especially in the case of thyroid medications whether its levothyroxine or a natural thyroid extract. Welcome back to another episode, as we continue our discussion on stomach acid! But before we […]

How Stomach Acid can make or break your Health

Do you have a feeling of discomfort after meals? Do you feel full, bloated or naseous, feel like the food is not moving? If so, by the end of today’s episode you’ll know why. Hello friends & welcome back to another episode! Its surely been long since I last posted an episode. Doc Brown was […]

Identifying The Good, Bad & Ugly Foods

Welcome to another episode of the functional health show! Today we’ll find ourselves revisiting the basics of food & nutrition. Because, I get asked a lot ‘What are the bad foods & what about the good ones? How do I know what to eat?’. There are a lot of people out there who have this […]

Managing the Master Mineral ‘Magnesium’ (Part 3)

Welcome back everyone! This is part 3 of managing the master mineral ‘magnesium’ & in this episode you’ll be learning about magnesium rich food sources & supplements, the different forms of supplements, how to determine the dosage of magnesium supplements & understanding why serum magnesium numbers are not sufficient to know about your body’s magnesium […]

Managing the Master Mineral ‘Magnesium’ (Part 2)

Welcome to the part 2 of Managing the Master Mineral ‘Magnesium’. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, I’d encourage you to listen to it, as well. I had mentioned that there would be two parts but it so happens that, the information that I’d like to share with you’ll is more than I […]

Managing the Master Mineral ‘Magnesium’ (Part 1)

Hey everyone, hope you’ll have been doing well! Sorry for my long absence. Things went pretty much hay-wire & I had to get my priorities straight. Anyways, here I am with you’ll again! Because I’ve decided to prioritize being with you’ll & provide the know-how which you can apply in your lives for a better […]