How to be Sunkissed & Not Sunburnt

A beautiful topic indeed, which has its roots established in our episode series ranging from 28-31, as we uncover the truth about the Sun, its various roles, and how everything else is tied around it, so we can make the best use of this abundant rich resource at our disposal. Sunlight isn’t harmful, in fact, […]

My Covid Rendezvous!

The end of winter 2023 March left me with a bang of Covid19 which felt like all my friends spanning from Spain to Germany to Belgium faced it too. What is it a coincidence or like flu, Covid19 is in the air. Let’s not make this a conspiracy but rather an informative blog on how […]

Iodine – Good or Ugly?

The biomedicine approach is more about reductionism where importance lies in the analysis of a single molecule rather than a holistic format of looking at patterns, symptoms and constitutional types.  This difference in thinking raised many flagbearers of Iodine like Guy Abraham, David Brownstein, Jorge Flechas who are advocators of using Iodine through food and […]