How to fix the Stomach Acid

Its great to back with you’ll! My apologies for spacing out! Tough times but what’s more important is to believe in yourself that, not just will you make it through but you’ll shine! On that positive note lets jump onto the solutions that we all have been looking forward to, rebuilding our stomach acid!So today’s […]

Acid Reflux Solutions, Solutions & Even More Solutions!

Welcome back to another episode of the functional health show! I believe that I have a lot to share with you’ll today so let’s jump right in!! In the last 2 episodes we discussed how stomach acid is so important when it comes to overall health, we looked at the causes that give rise to […]

The How & Why of Low Stomach Acid

Hypochlorhydria, it also impairs the breakdown & absorption of pharmaceutical drugs. So the net amount that actually makes it into circulation might be lower, especially in the case of thyroid medications whether its levothyroxine or a natural thyroid extract. Welcome back to another episode, as we continue our discussion on stomach acid! But before we […]

How Stomach Acid can make or break your Health

Do you have a feeling of discomfort after meals? Do you feel full, bloated or naseous, feel like the food is not moving? If so, by the end of today’s episode you’ll know why. Hello friends & welcome back to another episode! Its surely been long since I last posted an episode. Doc Brown was […]